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A blank canvas and I don’t always get along. Maybe the endless possibilities, within the limits of the canvas, must negotiate their strengths? So I dream, sketch, plan and choose my acrylic colors carefully. Only then do I put on music, dance, and make peace with my canvas.  

My paintings are evolving from abstract figurative towards non-objective abstraction. My brushes are assisted by kitchen utensils, old credit cards and palette knives to help me express the music inside. My vision travels between the physical and the spiritual world.

I try to capture one moment of the secret world of my emotions. In the barefoot days of my youth, I only ran or danced. My father, who was my best teacher, often stopped me with the words, ”Look Skottla, look”! I looked; merging with a piece of broken red glass, wishing stones, rock trolls, clouds or the beauty from another realm.


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